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X based CD-writer software
X-CD-Roast is a full X based CD-Writer-program and is the successor of
cdwtools-0.93. It is a frontend for CD related programs like cdwrite
and mkisofs.
Feature list of 0.98alpha:
- Easy setup and intuitive X11 user interface
- GUI based on GTK+ instead of TCL/TK (100% new C-code)
- Copies most data/mixed-mode/audio-CDs (data also on-the-fly)
- Master data-CDs and rearrange audio-CDs (data also on-the-fly)
- Create your own audio-CDs (full Disk-at-Once support)
- Multisession/Bootable CD creation.
- Supports most SCSI/ATAPI/Parallel-CD-Writers available
- Supports different international languages
- CDDB-Lookups and CD-Text
- Online help
- Administration mode for usage in computer pools.
- Fully themeable via GTK-Themes
- Runs on most common Unix-Operation-Systems
(Primary platforms: Linux and Solaris)
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